Investigations In Love

“Is it done?” Thoth’s words were soft as he stepped out of the shadows of the doorframe. Anubis didn’t look up, didn’t move, didn’t breathe. The god of death just stood there silently with his head down, one hand resting on the chest of the corpse. The one corpse that wasn’t lying on the shiny clinical table at the center of the room. While the three bodies on the metal table had been fully cleaned and prepped for their respective funerals, this last body was untouched by the magic of Anubis. No coffin waiting to be filled. As fresh as could be expected without the embalming so carefully done to the other patrons of the T&A Funeral Home.

Ruby Red Roses

Pluto was trying extraordinary hard not to blush. She was a Lord of the Underworld for Terra’s sake. Lords of the Underworld were dark menacing creatures of death who definitely did not turn bright red when their best friend insinuated that their extremely annoying neighbour had been flirting with them. And yet her cheeks were not intent on cooperating. Or her ears. Or her neck. Ruby red.

A First Encounter with Flowers

Pluto paced on the edge of the tiny river marking her borders and glared down at the white flowers growing between her beautiful rocks. Again. After she’d spent all yesterday weeding. If she wasn’t already mad at Jupiter for cheating when they’d divided up the universe then she would have marched up Olympus or Capitoline or whatever cloud her baby brother had decided to call

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