Story Analysis: Super Mega Huge Carmilla Theory Pt 2

Alright then creampuffs, cupcakes, and other baked goods. By popular demand, we’re back to talk about the theories created by Act 2 of season 3 of Carmilla series. With so many more subtle clues and a whole other myth to play with, I couldn’t resist. It’s like candy. You can read our theories based off of Act 1 here as we’re going to be starting by building off of them and then moving forward. Remember, this isn’t necessary the theory that’s most plausible. It’s about the theory that’s most interesting! Act 2. Not as straight forward as Act 1. All the headaches and copious note making.

Story Analysis: Super Mega Huge Carmilla Theory

With the launch of season 3 of Carmilla, we have a great opportunity to examine how a story can build its own mythology. Where clues come from and how they work within a broader show framework. After all, they gave us a great webseries with a mystery based on quest items and then tied it into Sumerian mythology. How could I resist over analyzing? This is literally too long for tumblr so I had to break my own rule and post it here. As nothing makes me happier than when someone over-analyzes my work, I’m going to make this as big and crazy as possible to show my appreciation for 3 seasons of this awesome show. My thanks to everyone involved. I’m making this conspiracy-theory level just for you.Go big or go home.

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