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Ruby Red Roses

Pluto was trying extraordinary hard not to blush. She was a Lord of the Underworld for Terra’s sake. Lords of the Underworld were dark menacing creatures of death who definitely did not turn bright red when their best friend insinuated that their extremely annoying neighbour had been flirting with them. And yet her cheeks were not intent on cooperating. Or her ears. Or her neck. Ruby red.

The Goddess of Love and War

Inanna tells herself that people are kind. She mumbles it under every shaky breath to the beat of her footsteps echoing throughout the city. Every step one she’s taken before. The same path. Same circles. Over and over again. People are kind. People are kind. People are kind. Hoisting her backpack higher over her shoulders, she takes the steps that will lead her over the bridge. Today is a bright day and the sun will glisten off the icy water in a way it never would have a year ago. When she lived where everything was dry. Reminding her that she lives there no more. As if she needs a reminder. Everything is a reminder. The crinkled phone number in her pocket that she refuses to look at. Poking her with every step. The weight of the backpack reminds her in its lightness. It holds everything of value that she owns and still it is not heavy enough. The puckered skin on her hand reminds her by its presence.  As a god she could leave the scarred, olive skin behind but that seems wrong. The emptiness in her head reminds her with every thought. Even as a god, she could not leave that behind.

How To Catch A Chimera

Hubal had really been hoping that this was the day he made Lianna smile her absolute biggest smile. At him. However, that hope had been born early in the morning when he’d done something good. Which had now backfired. Just slightly. “Fire! Fire! Fire!” he shouted, sprinting down the tight street and incredibly thankful that the horrific late night hours of this job meant that

Shooting Star Shoes

Her mom had to be here. Somewhere. Please. Sera ran between the empty rows at the stadium, tripping as she tried to jump over an upturned pair of seats. Misjudged. The tip of her shoe snagged on the metal legs and she went sprawling forward; skin scrapping open. Caught on an obstacle ripped straight out of the concrete by winds and red lightning that no

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